It is a fact of life that due to circumstances beyond your control (inclement weather, accidents, hospitilization), you might have to cancel or postpone your wedding. If the unimaginable happens and you have to cancel, what happens to all the money you’ve put down in deposits and obligations you may have to pay even if the wedding doesn’t take place? Couples frequently face these unforeseen events. Wedding Insurance can bring peace of mind with the knowledge that you’ll be offered some protection in case of such emergencies.

Wedding insurance policies are relatively inexpensive and may provide a great deal of help in covering expenses that you have incurred. These policies will generally provide coverage for things like forfeited deposits, travel expenses, and even loss of wedding rings.

One thing that is not covered with Wedding Insurance is getting cold feet. But if the unimaginable happens and you must cancel your wedding, having wedding insurance could save a lot of expense and headaches.